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REFEX™ pH Sensors manufacture many varied pH sensor types, for many industrial processes, and for general purpose applications.

Using the unique non porous REFEX™ reference system, we offer the first to last, in quality, long life, low maintenance, stable readings and accurate pH measurements.

REFEX™ can fabricate sensors that will retro-fit to your existing systems and housings, we can also manufacture unique sensors for special applications and systems.

We invite enquiries from original equipment manufacturers, and we are always ready to discuss “own label” and special requirements.

pH and ORP (Redox) combined electrodes without Liquid Junction. (pH und ORP Einstabmessketten Ohne Diaphragma)

Refex is a Hard – Non-Porous – Ionically Conductive Polymeric interface/junction – that has made all porous/open/leaking reference electrodes obsolete. The polymeric material doubles as an immobilized electrolyte – and more importantly as a protective barrier that separates the process waters from the electrode’s internal Ag/AgCl reference half cell in 2.8 mol/l KCl electrolyte.

No Exchange / contact of liquids (process with Ag/AgCl half cell/ electrolyte)

Advantages of Refex:

• Cannot be fouled ( coatings must remain wet and conductive )

• Cannot be poisoned(typicallyH2Ssourwatersetc.)

• Withstands High and Varying Temperatures 0-100 C

• Withstands High and Varying Pressures Vacuum to>30BAR

• NomVdrifting-stable Eo zero point

• Maintenance Free

• Instant Response to pH change

• Chemical Savings no over-shoot beyond Hi/Lo set points

• Accurate pH 0-12.5

• Compatible with all Good Quality pH Instruments

• Retro fits to existing plumbing/flow-cells/Immersion systems.

• Patented(ContactWindow)

• Long Life- many times longer than all others